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Easy-to-use prototyping tool

Whether you're a product manager designing prototypes from scratch, or a designer working on UX through imported drafts, you'll see how easy MockingBot is to use.
Newly-added device components, making your job easier.

MockingBot has reduced communication costs as well as trial-and-error, and improved the efficiency of designing! Invisible issues come to light more quickly. Innovators now have new ways to change the world.

Wang Xinlei, Co-founder of Ark Design
Preview of MockingBot’s new workspace

Demonstrate and test your prototypes on various devices

Share your work with anyone. Whether on PC, mobile devices or even WeChat, teams and clients can always see the latest prototypes.

With MockingBot's high quality fast-to-ship prototype generator, we can validate product designs in real time and save on development costs. MockingBot is the must-have tool of Meisha Technologies.

BLUES, founder of Meisha Technologies, former Product Director of Xunlei
MockingBot in various devices

Generate documentation with workflow. Everything is tracked

Developers can now say goodbye to complex requirement documentation. With MockingBot's workflow, you can track your app's global state and annotations, and sync work in real time. The workflow helps improve our communication.

It's like having a real, fully-developed app in your hand. While demonstrating and validating product plans, the MockingBot workflow has greatly reduced the time and cost of our communications.

Tang Jie, Author of Becoming an Excellent PM
MockingBot’s workflow Preview of MockingBot’s new workspace

Online team collaboration: Work together

Details, requirements, and annotations are clear and organized. Designers can receive feedback instantly.

Our team members live in LA, Manchester, Shanghai and Beijing, but nothing affects our collaboration. We use MockingBot for product prototypes and customer communication. Our job is to incorporate clients' requirements and opinions in a quality product.

Sigh, Design Consultancy
MockingBot in various devices Preview of MockingBot’s new workspace

Sketch + MockingBot =
an important UX design tool

Import your Sketch files into MockingBot with one click. Developers can also see complete layer info using MockingBot's inspect mode.

MockingBot's Sketch plugin has greatly improved our efficiency. It imports design drafts in one click, and lets us create usable UX prototypes in few minutes.

Xu Chutong, Co-founder of Rational Design
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MockingBot’s Sketch Plugin Preview of MockingBot’s new workspace

Expanding UX design possibilities

MockingBot makes prototyping easier

Elsewhere using MockingBot
  • How design and client teams collaborate using MockingBot

    MockingBot has helped us iterate our products more easily and efficiently. It also provides an effective mobile-office environment.

  • How design and client teams collaborate using MockingBot

    MockingBot lets us create a fully-developed UX demo without having to write any code, which we can check on PC, mobile devices or even WeChat. It's just convenient.

  • How design and client teams collaborate using MockingBot

    It helps me communicate and collaborate with the design team. It also solves issues of asset storage, file transferring, and software compatibility.

  • How design and client teams collaborate using MockingBot

    MockingBot's comment feature provides users an easy way to give feedback, which makes our decisions easier.

  • How design and client teams collaborate using MockingBot

    A simple way to demonstrate design prototypes. Everyone can provide feedback. Development now starts after prototypes are fully finished—no more redoing.

  • How design and client teams collaborate using MockingBot

    MockingBot's inspect mode shows every detail in design drafts, which makes development smoother.

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