MockingBot Handoff,
Speed up the design-to-development workflow

Free designers’ hands, meet developers’ needs.
All from one click.

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Automatic specs, and multi-platform codes

Import your Sketch files by our Sketch Plugin, MockingBot automatically provides specs and multi-platform codes.

CSS/Swift/Android codes of every element, all for you.

Sweet color picker, just for you

Apart from showing the global colors, MockingBot Handoff can demonstrate colors of the current page.

Not enough? Use the Color Picker to choose any color and customize your personal palette.

Group and single Slice download

Import Sketch files, and you can download slices of multiple resolutions.

You can either download all slices in one click, or any single element slice as you need.

Automatic conversion of measures of multiple platforms

Handoff not only supports the measure conversion of color and resolution between platforms, also allows the manual input of font size of HTML(rem/em).

Let designers focus on real design, Save them from all repetitive work.